Conference Venues

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Conference Venues

ONCE program holds multiple annual conferences and events both nationwide and worldwide, and we have a great choice of meeting and event venues across China, ranging from the South to the North, covering the tropic area to cold area. Some representatives are Yanqi Lake Conference Center, Qingdao International Conference Center, Shanghai International Convention Center , Xiamen University International Academic Exchange Center, and Boao Asia Forum International Conference Center (all the pictures are from the official website and are subject to update). The array of locations will accommodate the participants of meetings and events in different time of the year.

Fig.1 Distribution of the host conference centers (Marked as red dots) 

1.Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center

Yanqi Lake Conference Center located in the southwest of Yanqi Lake, Beijing, China. The center is world-class conference and exhibition area, which covers a vast area of 650,000 square meters. Designed with traditional philosophy and constructed in modern architectural style, BYCC is the most versatile international conference venue ideal for congresses, meetings, exhibitions, banquets.

 Fig.2 The conference center for Autumn (September-October) in Beijing

2. Qingdao Huiquan Dynasty Hotel

Huiquan Dynasty Hotel is an international five-star hotel, located on the scenic Huiquan Bay in Qingdao. For meetings, events and conferences, the hotel features a wide range of amenities and facilities, offering flexible space for conferences of any size, such as the Dynasty Conference Center is suitable to accommodate up to 500 guests. Most of the rooms can enjoy panoramic sea views while the top of the hotel provided an splendid 360-degree view of Huiquan bay.

Fig.3 The conference center for Summer (June-August) in Qingdao

 3. Shanghai International Convention Center

The Shanghai International Convention Center stands in Lujiazui Financial center, adjacent to the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower, across the river from bund international buildings. The Shanghai International Convention Center holds large-scale international conferences and business forum, famous worldwide for its professionalism and comprehensiveness. The Grand Banquet Hall is biggest banquet halls in China. And it has additional 28 multi-function conference rooms. All of them are equipped with most advanced high-tech AV system and simultaneous translation system. The better, the experienced conference manager will give assistance in organization throughout, to make sure for the success and wonderful experience meanwhile.

Fig.4 The conference center for Spring (April-May) in Shanghai

 4.Xiamen University International Academic Exchange Center

The Xiamen University International Academic Exchange Center locates in Xiamen University, which is one of the most beautiful campuses in China. The main building of academic exchange center covers 20,000 square meters, with a sister conference center that is dependently built.  The main center is in modern style and can accommodate different sizes of meetings, seminars rooms to conference room with the seating capacity of 1000. 

Fig.5 The conference center for seasons (March-April, November) in Xiamen


5. Boao Forum For Asia (BFA) International Conference Center

The BFA International Conference Center is located in Dongyu Island of Hainan province, the South of China, where an exquisite scenery is available all year round. The Boao Forum for Asia International Conference Center covers a total area of 37,000 square meters and is divided into three floors. The annual Boao Forum for Asia Conference is convened here, where you can enjoy both beach and mountain views. The main venue of the Boao Forum for Asia annual meeting is located on the second floor of the conference center, with a total area of 2592 square meters, which can accommodate 2000 participants at the same time. The main color of the venue is yellow, giving people the impression of grand scale and resplendence. The conference center is also equipped with 6 + 1 simultaneous interpretation system and 360 degree high-resolution camera and playback system. The central part is also equipped with a movable separation wall, which can separate the venue into two parts according to the needs of the conference. The advanced level of venue facilities and equipment is unique in Hainan and rare in the country.

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Fig.6 The conference center for winter (December-February) in Sanya, China

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