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A New Year Gift to Earth--Ocean Negative Carbon Emissions

On December 31, 2022, Professor Nianzhi Jiao, the leading scientist of the UN Ocean Decade Programme-Global ONCE, sent his well-prepared New Year gifts on the Innovation Live. A picture, a toast, and a song, these three gifts carried Professor Jiao’s best wishes to build a habitable earth through Ocean Negative Carbon Emissions programme.

Addressing climate change is the top priority for human beings, but we have done so little. By fully harnessing the potentials of the ocean, the largest active carbon reservoir on earth, ONCE provides a new perspective on achieving carbon neutrality and building a habitable earth. Professor Jiao elaborately designed an experiment to demonstrate the main mechanism of ocean carbon sequestration and explained the scientific principles of ONCE. These special New Year gifts inspired online audiences and intrigued them to explore the promising future life in 2023.