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A New Path to Carbon Neutrality: Ocean Negative Carbon Emissions

The world has seen increasing impacts of climate change over the past few decades. Devastating hurricanes, forest fires, droughts, floods, and heat waves are reoccurring globally at a higher frequency and with more intensity due to the excess amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There is an urgent need to reduce carbon emissions effectively.

See the unseen and change the unchanged. The traditional way to reduce carbon emissions cannot meet the goal set by Paris Agreement and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. However, the ocean, which has existed for billions of years and covers 70% of the earth’s surface, still remains undeveloped and unexplored. Therefore, the questions are as follows:

As the biggest active carbon reservoir on earth, what role does the ocean play in the world’s climate and the carbon cycle? Why is it important to look after it? How to use our ocean in terms of carbon neutrality?

On November 19, 2022, Professor Nianzhi Jiao, the leading scientist of the UN Ocean Decade Programme-Global ONCE joined the Innovation Webinar and shared cutting-edge theories and innovative technologies on ocean negative carbon emissions. In this webinar, Professor Jiao explained the misunderstanding of carbon neutrality, introduced solutions to achieve “negative” carbon emissions and shared his opinions about sustainable development. In terms of ocean negative carbon emissions, Professor Jiao emphasized the importance of ocean in addressing the crisis of climate change and elaborated the mechanism and feasibility of using oceans as carbon sinks. This webinar has attracted nearly half a million online audiences and provided them with a new perspective on our ocean.

In the future, our ocean should be seen by us to call for more people to protect and cherish it. It should also be changed to achieve the carbon neutrality target. Together we can explore a new path to reduce carbon emissions.

Nianzhi Jiao-"Innovation Webinar" Trailer

Video Replays- Part I

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(Edited by Mengqi Pei)