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1st International Forum on Ocean Negative Carbon Emissions Held in Xiamen

On November 14, 2022, the First International Forum on Ocean Negative Carbon Emissions was held in Xiamen, China. More than 1,000 experts and researchers from China and abroad participated in this forum, sharing their views on reducing carbon emissions, increasing carbon sequestration, and achieving carbon neutrality.

Based on the topic of ocean negative carbon emissions, dozens of international academicians and scientists shared their latest research results and innovative ideas and answered questions from young scientists.

This forum a platform for global scientists and researchers in related field to communicate and exchanges creative ideas, discuss current issues, and provide possible solutions. It has promoted global cooperation and called for responsible scientists worldwide to take concrete actions and join the Global ONCE program.

Keynote Address  (Speaker:Nianzhi Jiao)

Opening Remarks  (Speaker:Carol Robinson)

Closing Remarks (Speaker:Nianzhi Jiao)

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Nianzhi Jiao

Keynote Address

Carol Robinson

Louis Legendre

Douglas Wallace

Opening Remarks

Nianzhi Jiao

Closing Remarks

Lennart Bach

Additionality as a Guiding Principle to Assess Marine CDR

Edward Laws

Climate Change in the Distant Past and Future

Romany M. Webb

Ocean CDR: Legal Challenges and Opportunities

Minhan Dai

Fertilization in Oligotrophic Oceans

Tiegang Li

An Optimal experimental selection of Ocean Negative Carbon Emission Demonstration of Wastewater Alkalinity additionJiaozhou Bay, along Chinese Coast

Fei Chai

Designing a Next Generation of Ocean Iron Fertilization Study

Meng Zhou

Future Platform for Studies of Flux Frocesses under Extreme Ocean Environments

Wei Fan

Enhancing carbon removal from Chinese coastal waters by stimulating seaweed cultivation   through artificial upwelling

Fuchao Li

Oceanographic Data Acquisition, Intelligent Analysis and Application

Philp Boyd

What Research Trajectories Are Needed to Solve Gigatonne Challenges?

Celeste López-Abbate

Identification of Natural Decarbonization Pathways in a Highly CO2 Emitting

Phil Renforth

A New Process for Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement

Siyuan Ye

The Role of Vegetated Coastal Ecosystems in Carbon Sequestration: Potential Ways for Carbon Removal

(Edited by Mengqi Pei)