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Artificial Upwelling System

As a geo engineering system, artificial upwelling can continuously bring low-temperature and high nutrient marine deep water to the true light layer. This process will not only increase the total nutrient concentration, but also adjust the ratio of nitrogen / phosphorus / silicon / iron, so as to promote the photosynthesis of phytoplankton, increase the catch and aquaculture carbon sink, increase the amount of organic carbon output to the deep sea by increasing the efficiency of biological pump, and increase the amount of inert dissolved organic carbon produced by micro biological carbon pump. Therefore, in the future application, the artificial upwelling system can realize ecological restoration and maintain the sustainable development of the ecosystem without artificially adding nutrients.

The artificial upwelling test system hase been constructed adopts steel frame structure, with a height of 13m and a diameter of 22m. It can resist grade 6 sea conditions and realize the self supply of 36 kwh of marine energy The system is composed of open gas injection equipment network. The open gas injection equipment network can form the action range of artificial upwelling in a certain range of sea areas, realize the manual adjustment of some marine environmental parameters, and provide controllable conditions for scientific experiments. The system uses marine renewable energy to form a regional artificial upwelling, which can provide a long-term and in-situ test environment for the study of marine negative emission schemes.

By studying the formation method of marine artificial upwelling, the relationship between its parameters and primary productivity, water oxygen content, pH value and CO2 sea air exchange, and the subsequent carbon storage effect of particulate organic carbon output and dissolved organic carbon conversion, we can establish an effective carbon sink demonstration in typical continental shelf sea areas, and realize the ocean negative emission in continental shelf sea areas.