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Ocean Science Data Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Ocean Science Data Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASODC) is a leading data center for marine environmental data management and research in China. CASODC develops new products and services in multidisciplinary ocean sciences and algorithms for data mining and discoveries in the ocean.

CASODC has constructed a data resource pool covering various disciplines, multi-temporal and spatial scales from observation of moorings and buoys, voyages investigation, international sharing, remote sensing and modelling, etc. In addition, CASODC has formed an efficient, practical and comprehensive data processing method system involving multi-source data fusion, quality control, analysis and mining, marine artificial intelligence, etc.

To better use and analyze these data and products, CASODC has built the time-space interactive visualization system (CASEarth-Ocean) that brings scientific insights, dynamic information and decision-making strategy to the government, academia, and enterprise. Currently, the system has 13 functional modules, including global climate change, ocean salinity and temperature gridded product, ENSO forecast, storm surge disaster, coastal green tides and marine ranching monitoring.

CASODC archive and backup copy contains more than 1 petabyte of ocean science data and offers users access to over 500 datasets and products. In addition, CASODC has formed an operative service system integrating data management, online analysis, visualization and decision support to provide high-quality services for marine scientific and technological innovations, policies and resource management, oceanic industries and economic development.

Figure 1. Ocean science data visualization system (CASEarth-Ocean)

Figure 2. Artificial Intelligence frameworks for pixel-level classification 

and object-level detection in ocean remote-sensing data

Figure 3. Global ocean heat content dataset

Figure 4. Global ocean salinity dataset

Figure 5. Global ocean pH data product

Figure 6. Global ocean pCO2 data product

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