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Intelligent Simulator of Marine Ecosystems


The Intelligent Simulator of Marine Ecosystems (ISME) is a large-scale research facility for simulation and experimental research on key processes and mechanisms of ocean ecosystems in which scientists can conduct cutting-edge research not previously possible in ocean surveys and laboratory experiments.

ISME consists of ocean ecological environment simulation module, intelligent control and data analysis module and integrative support module. ISME monitors and regulates a variety of ocean environmental parameters in real time, including temperature, salinity, light, pressure, dissolved oxygen, pH, pCO2, chlorophyll, CH4, nutrients, current, waves, etc.

Using ISME, Chinese and international scientists can research the impact of complex environmental changes with large-scale and long-term experiments in which they can manipulate key environmental factors. It can be used to decouple complex ocean ecosystems to achieve simulation of ocean multi-scale dynamic processes, precise joint control of multiple environmental factors, and experimental analysis of complex interactions among multiple groups of organisms. ISME can provide the solution for ocean carbon source and sink research.

At present, we have made breakthroughs in key technologies such as intelligent control and completed the prototype. Chinese Academy of Science plan to complete the construction of ISME in five years at Qingdao, which will become an internationally leading, open and shared platform for collaborative innovation in ocean science and technology.

Figure 1. The design sketch of ISME

Figure 2. The construction site of ISME

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