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Moving Platform for Science and Geoenginieer Projects

(Research Vessel)

In parrarel with the institutes and science, the team has formed a wide spreaded net work of research vessels. Over all, the vessels net comprised nearly 20 scientific vessels, that were designed for professional cruises.

The vessels homeports located from the south to the north across the coastal area of China, like Weihai, Qingdao, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, and even the heart of vast ocean—Sansha city which provides beautiful and ideal site for scientific study in tropic zone -- Yongxing Island.

Many of the vessels have sailed for thousands of sea miles every year, and the sailing route covered almost every corner of the Ocean, including Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean. New vessels have been designed to meet the cruises needs in Arctic Ocean and Antarctic Ocean, and the team have much experience in joining in cruises to these area.

The vessels size varied from hundreds of tons to thousands of tons to meet the studies in coastal and ocean area. They were equipmented with different most advance to date detection devices, smpling system and moving lab room. For example, the R/V TKK was commissioned with tailor-design low-noise electric propulsion system, and it can mitigate underwater radiated noise (URN). The vessel has outstanding science handling abilities, equipped with state-of-the-art acoustic transducers, with highly precise dynamic positioning performance, Trace Elements and Isotopes Sampling System (TEISS). The R/V ShiYan 2 was designed specially for marine geophysical prospecting. It was equipmented with DGPS differential positioning system, Multi beam geomorphometer, Wind wave automatic compensation sounding system, Seismic detection system and so on. The sampling system can reach mothan 13 thousands meters sea bed.

As same important with laboratory experiments, field study can benefit greatly from these moving platforms in the sea. Not only the vessel facilities, but also the experienced techonicals, effective management, and logistic service would p rovide guarantee to our projects progress.

Fig. R/V vessels from our team(the pictures are gained from official websites)

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