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Gordon Research Conferences-Ocean Biogeochemistry


The First Forum of Gordon Research Conferences-Ocean Biogeochemistry

Gordon Research Conferences is an internationally renowned academic exchange platform. In 2014, Academician Jiao Nianzhi submitted an application with the theme of "Ocean Biogeochemistry" to Gordon Research Conferences headquarters. In the same year, the "Ocean Biogeochemistry Forum" was established as a permanent GRC forum, which has symbolic significance for promoting China's marine science to the world stage. The first forum was successfully held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong from June 12 to 17 2016 with the theme of “The biologically-driven ocean carbon pumps”. More than 30 internationally renowned experts in marine carbon sink research were specially invited to the conference, and 22 excellent invited frontier reports were organized, including the topics of the ocean carbon pumps: from ancient to future oceans, the biological carbon pump, and the carbonate pump, the microbial carbon pump and the roles of microbes, interactions among the three ocean carbon pumps, the ocean carbon pumps and society, and etc

2018 GRC on Ocean Biogeochemistry

The 2018 GRC on Ocean Biogeochemistry focused on processes that occur at and between marine interfaces, including the biogeochemical processes between the atmosphere and the ocean; between the surface, intermediate, and deep waters; and between the deep ocean, the seafloor and the sub-seafloor. The conference was held on the campus of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). The 2018 GRC was preceded by a Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Ocean Biogeochemistry, opened to graduate students and postdocs interested in marine biogeochemistry and related fields. The GRS provided a forum for early career researchers to present and discuss results from their research in a peer-to-peer setting in advance of the GRC. The ONCE partner, prof. Louis Legendre chair the 2018 GRC on Ocean Biogeochemistry. The leader of the ONCE project, also the chair of the 2016 GRC on Ocean Biogeochemistry, prof. Nianzhi Jiao was invited as speaker giving a presentation focusing on dissolved organic carbon sink and related microbial mechanisms and processes.

2022 Gordon Research Conference-Ocean Biogeochemistry

As part of the international network and partnership building efforts of ONCE-global, the 2022 Gordon Research Conference-Ocean Biogeochemistry will be hosted in Castelldefels, Spain, during the week of May 1- 6, 2022. The broad focus of this conference is biogeochemical processes across time and space, is the third conference to be held in this area (the first and second being in 2016 and 2018, both in Hong Kong, China), involving world experts and leaders in this field from academics, industry, and government. The speakers and discussion leaders alone will be coming from 11 different countries, with total attendees from 16 countries!! These countries include Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, Israel, Japan, Monaco, Norway, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, USA (

Nine morning and evening oral sessions will be presented during the conference covering various scopes such as deoxygenation, hydrocarbon degradation and biological carbon pumps, as well as broad environments from subtropical to polar oceans and estuary to ocean basin. Each of these oral sessions will be led by a Discussion Leader, during which each of the 22 invited talks was followed by a long discussion period; three afternoon poster sessions; a Power Hour session to discuss challenges women face in science; and afternoon free time periods and excursions and evening post-session receptions that favored networking among participants.

The conference so far has attracted close to 100 attendees to register (the number is still growing), with a good balance of female and male, young and senior scientists. This combination of participants from a wide geographic diversity and different career status will lead to stimulating scientific exchanges and highly successful networking. Various sponsorship has also been received to support this conference from international partnership and sponsors, such as Simons Foundation, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Gordon Research Conferences, Environmental Science Advances, Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry project (USA) and several different institutes.

The Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) is a non‐profit, educational organization that has served the scientific community since 1931 with the mission to “provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of frontier research in the biological, chemical, and physical sciences, and their related technologies”. Gordon Conferences are embraced by the mainstream scientific community as the leading forum for the presentation of research at the frontiers of science and the place to build relationships with leading scientists in their field from around the world. Complete information concerning the Gordon Research Conferences can be found at

(Edited by Ruanhong Cai, Qian Li)