Working Groups

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The Activities and Meetings of PICES/ICES WG ONCE in 2021

WGONCE was established with all members being officially assigned on 6 April, 2021. Due to COVID-19, seven meetings were convened virtually including the kick-off meeting, one co-chairs meeting and the first business meeting in 2021.

The first gathering of WG members was held on July, 8th 2021. At the time, 17 members attended the kick-off meeting online.

During this kick-off meeting, all members agreed to create task teams to effectively address on the scientific objectives of the Working Group. Besides, the logo design was also decided upon after the meeting.

图片包含 图标描述已自动生成

Co-chairs meeting

The communication and interaction between co-chairs are actively conducted through emails and co-chairs meetings, and the collaborative leadership can form the base of the collaboration among the members.

During the co-chairs meeting held on the 17 Sept, co-chairs Prof. Legendre and Prof. Jiao have discussed on the proposed agenda for the 2021 business meeting, and organizing scheme of TT talks after the meeting. Furthermore, both co-chairs have expressed that more preparatory work for the annual meeting need to be done to enhance the effectiveness of the communication during the meeting.


Subgroup’s meeting

WG-46 composes 25 members across 11 countries. One big and obvious challenge presented by such a widely distributed collaborative network is: time. So subgroup of members coming from near countries or time zones are encouraged to gather to communication.

The subgroup meeting of 7 members from China has been held on 20 Sept. At the meeting, the members have share their progresses in each field and towards the scientific objective of the WG.


(Edited by Xinyu Chen)