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The First Academic Seminar of Basic Science Center for Marine Carbon Pumps and Biogeochemical Process led by Xiamen University was Successfully Held

On 1-2 March 2022, the first academic seminar of "Basic Science Center for Marine Carbon Pumps and Biogeochemical Process" (hereinafter referred to as "BSCP") was successfully held in Xiamen University. The seminar was conducted in the form of combination of online and offline. The academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, professors Chen Dake, Mu Mu, Peng Ping'an, Chen Fahu, Huang Jianping and Xie Shucheng have attended the seminar online, along with other officials from Xiamen University including the Vice President professor Jiang Yunbao,and the director for Office of Science and Technology professor Ji Rongrong. The chief scientist of BSCP, pofessor Jiao Nianzhi, and leading principal investigators professor Dai Minhan of Xiamen University, professor Jian Zhimin of Tongji University, research professor Wang Xiaoxue of South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor Zhang Rui of Xiamen University and their team members attended the events.


Prof. Chen Dake                  Prof. Mu Mu                  Prof. Peng Ping’an


Prof. Chen Fahu                 Prof. Huang Jianping           Prof. Xie Shucheng         

The Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences Attending the Seminar Online


Nearly 100 experts and scholars from the universities and institutions including Lanzhou University, the Second Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shandong University, Tsinghua University, Aachen University of Technology have participated in the seminar physically or virtually.

At the opening ceremony, the Vice President professor Jiang Yunbao gave a welcome remark, in which he expressed heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to the experts and scholars, pointed out the significance of the BSCP's research focus on marine carbon sequestration for coping with global climate change. He continued in his speech that BSCP would look forward to joining hands with all stakeholders at home and abroad to foster cutting-edge capabilities for developing ocean negative carbon emissions approaches and for cultivating talents, so as to make a major breakthrough in the forefront of marine sciences. 


 The Vice President of Xiamen University Professor Jiang Yunbao is Giving a Welcome Remark 

This was the first meeting that outreach and engage all participants of BSCP. As the chief scientist of BSCP, professor Jiao Nianzhi gave a plenary report introducing on the mission and objectives of BSCP, and the innovative pathways BSCP would take to approach the frontier sciences in marine carbon sink. In his remark, he first extended a warm welcome to the experts and scholars attending the meeting and expressed the heartfelt gratitude to the leaders at all levels for the support. With the context of net-zero carbon emissions, he expounded the process and mechanisms of ocean carbon pumps, the effect of climate change on marine ecosystems and linkages between them. He outlined the 5-year timetable and road map of BSCP for developing science-based ocean-based solutions for climate change.

Professor Jiao Nianzhi is Giving a Keynote Presentation

After that, the leading principal investigators of BSCP, professor Dai Minhan, professor Jian Zhimin, research professor Wang Xiaoxue, professor Zhang Rui and the other 33 experts and scholars had their presentations respectively, on the progress and expected results in their distinctive research fields, putting forward plans to promote interdisciplinary studies and to achieve the research objectives of BSCP. A discussion session of the meeting was hosted by professor Zhang Rui, when the participating experts exchanged their views on how to encourage interdisciplinary and in-depth integration of different fields, collaborative projects and open cooperation. Through this exchange, the experts have a deeper understanding of the research contents and expected achievements of BSCP, and put forward a preliminary collaborative scheme. At the end, all parties have reached an agreement on the management framework of BSCP. This seminar is a good place to start for BSCP and underlies the smooth implementation of follow-up projects.

Professor Dai Minhan is Giving a Academic Report 

Professor Jian Zhimin is Giving a Academic Report 

Research Professor Wang Xiaoxue is Giving a Academic Report

Professor Zhang Rui is Giving a Academic Report

(Edited by Lilin Chen)