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Ultra-high resolution FT-ICR MS

The Bruker solariX 9.4T Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer (FT-ICR MS) is a novel analytical technology that enables a partial description of chemical diversity and a description of biogeosystems at different scales. By applying ionization of positive and negative electrospray (ESI+/-), the FT-ICR MS offers unrivalled resolution for the identification of natural DOM molecules in highly complex mixtures in the mass range mainly at 200 – 800 m/z. The combination of high mass accuracy and mass resolution enables detection and molecular formula assignments of molecules that differ in their mass by just the mass of an electron. The powerful FT-ICR MS will be continuously applied to reveal the complex molecular composition of RDOC in the ONCE project.

(Edited by Ruanhong Cai)